As usual, we offer a traditional, Bavarian-style ambiance.
Please understand that we will not accept costumes for stag or hen’s nights.
Admittance reserved.

Payment at the day of your reservation

Please hand forward your prepaid voucher to the service staff. Your further consumption can be paid by cash, American Express, Mastercard or Visa. Objections against the invoice have to be stated before payment with the service staff or the management of Hippodrom Oktoberfest OHG. Later claims cannot be taken into account.

Forgotten vouchers are to your own risk. In that case please pay the complete bill. As soon as you have forwarded us the original voucher together with your consumption bill, we will reimburse the according amount. Please consider them as cash – loss will be not compensated.


Celebrate and dance at the classy P1 Bar.

Take your Aperitif before your reservation starts or have a drink before you leave the Hippodrom.


Your entrance and your reservation starts at your confirmed date and time.

Please take your seats on time. When you are late, you are not longer entitled to your seats, even if you have bought vouchers. All seats not occupied have to be released for other guests.

If you leave the tent during your reservation period, the re-entrance cannot be guaranteed. After expiration of your reservation period the seats have to be released and you have to leave the tent.

Entrance Bracelet

Please fasten the entrance bracelet tightly on your wrist.

Without bracelet you will not get an admission to the Hippodrom.

After 10.30 pm a re-entry to the tent will not be allowed and the bracelet is not valid anymore.

Lost & Found

For lost & found objects ask at the Tent Office. On the next day they will be given to the official Springfestival Office at the Theresienwiese.

Collect your Voucher

Please collect your voucher at the Tent Office on main Entrance.

The Office is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. Vouchers can be also picked up at the day of your reservation. Delivery is not possible.


Paid vouchers can be collected from our Tent Office in the Hippodrom at the Theresienwiese beginning on April 16th 2018, daily from 10 am to 9 pm. In general, the vouchers can only be forwarded by mail within Germany at the customer’s expense and only until April 12th 2018.

You are responsible for your vouchers yourself. Please consider them as cash.
Any loss will not be compensated.

The prepaid vouchers are valid for the duration of Spring Festival Munich (April 20th to May 6th 2019). A refund of parts of vouchers or not used vouchers is not possible.

In case the Frühlingsfest cannot take place at all, or on the date of your reservation, due to official orders, security reasons, an act of nature beyond control or other important reasons the voucher bought at reservation will be refunded. Further claims to the organiser or Hippodrom Oktoberfest OHG are excluded in this case.

Bank details

Münchner Bank eG
BLZ 701 900 00
Konto 777030
IBAN DE 32 7019 0000 0000777030

For international bank transfer please use the SEPA credit transfer (use of IBAN and BIC). Bank charges incurred on international transfers are responsibility of the customer.

Minumum consumption per Person

Saturday, Sundays and Holidays for lunch from € 28,00

All Evenings from € 35,00


Live Music daily from 6 pm

On weekends from 12 am

Opening on April 20tht 2018 with the Reisbacher Musikanten from 4pm to 5.30pm
Högl Fun Band
20.04, 21.04., 05.05. and 06.05. 2018 from 6 pm
089 Band
22.04.and 23.04. 2018 from 12 am to 5.30 pm
22.04., 23.04., 24.04., 25.04., 26.04., 01.05., 02.05., 03.05. from 6 pm
and 04.05. 2018 from 4 pm and 05.05. 2018 from 12 am to 5.30 pm
Bergluft 27.04. from 4 pm, 28.04., 29.04. and 30.04. 2018 from 6 pm
Mathias Achatz Oktoberfestkapelle 28.04.,01.05. 2018 and 06.05. 2018
from 12 am to 5.30 pm

Opening hours

We open daily at 11 am.

From 10.30 pm entrance is no longer possible, this applies also to customers with entrance bracelets.

Drinks and food will be served until 10.30 pm.

We close our Tent at 11 pm.


We try to comply with our guests´ seating request at reservation, but we cannot guarantee to be able to allocate any certain areas or tables and table numbers.

Tables are suited for 8 persons in Main Area and in the Boxes for 8 or 10 persons.

On Friday and Saturday evenings reservations are only possible for entire tables
(8,10,16, 20 etc persons).

The Main Area is in the center of the Tent.
Seats at the Boxes you will find at the side of the Tent, these seats are more comfy.


Seat reservations are only available through the office Hippodrom Oktoberfest OHG, Weinstrasse 7a, 80333 Munich, GERMANY. Please use our online reservation form www.hippodrom.de.


In case of closed main Entrance please use the Entrance for Reservations at the right side of the Tent.

Timetable for reservations

Main Area is in the center of the Tent.
The seats at the Boxes you will find at the side of the Tent, these are more comfy.


You can buy all Souvenirs during the festival at our souvenir shop “Platzhengst”.
During the year you can order them from



Our chef Magnus Ostenrieder with his Team is pleased to treat you with highest quality to
serve the Hippodrom delicacies.

Food will be served from 11am to 10.30 pm.


If you want to reduce or completely cancel your reservation after paying the invoice we will retain 15% of the cancelled amount as a service charge. Cancellations are only possible in written form and until April 20th 2017.


If you give tip, this will be stated on your bill as TIP and should be signed by you.
Tip is not included and Tip cannot be cleared with vouchers.


With the confirmation of your reservation you will receive an invoice stating the amount of the minimum purchase you are obliged to take. Your reservation and confirmation is not binding until payment. For payment by credit card (Mastercard, Visacard or American Express) we will charge a fee of € 10,00. The invoice amount will be charged on your credit card 14 days after the date of invoice. For foreign bank transfers please use the SEPA credit transfer system (use of IBAN and BIC). Bank charges incurred on international transfers are the responsibility of the customer.

The amount invoiced has to be paid not later than 14 days after the date of the invoice. Reservations without receipt of payment in time are considered invalid.

You will receive a confirmation when the invoice amount is transferred to our account.


In our Tent there are 2.000 seats. It has a length of 50m and has a width of 30m.